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You see, I have never been comfortable in the spotlight and have purposely remained "underground" for the better part of my career.

I don’t go from city to city doing "dog and pony shows" so I can sell overpriced, piece-of-crap, blinking-light, "black box" software that supposedly shows you how to bet on the races.

I got good at handicapping races. Figuring out which horses were well meant became easier for me – although still not easy by any means. As I got better at capping, I started cashing some tickets. But there was a problem.

I felt like I was a better horse player than most. I was doing work handicapping the races and I was betting on very safe situations but in the long run I had to finally admit it.

If you’re not winning, you’re losing… Its as simple as that. I was losing and very frustrated to boot. It seemed like the guys who just hit the track on a whim were doing just as good as me. That’s not a good feeling. I knew that there was a way to win at horse racing though.

So, one day out of pure luck I happened to meet an old fellow named "John". He had been at it for longer than I’ve been alive. We hit it off.

At first it didn’t really sink in for me. I just agreed and went about my normal business and played my races.

"Is he saying that I am betting wrong?" I asked myself. It is one of those things you hear but never think deeper about. Once I started thinking deeply about what he meant, I became convinced that he knew something I didn’t.

So the next week at the track, I asked him what he was talking about and he explained that I would never get ahead by just making straight wagers (often on favorites) like I was doing. He said I needed to start betting exotics as well – specifically Superfectas. "The Superfecta is the best bet at the track" he said.

This was news to me. I always thought the exotics were sucker bets like parlays in football or betting the lottery.

John went on to explain that this wasn’t true and that if structured properly, Superfectas offer the nicest returns on investment of any bet at the track.

John then went on to share his system for structuring winning plays with me. So, I studied it for a couple weeks and then finally pulled the trigger. You’ll never believe what happened…

It was the craziest thing you ever saw. I was so excited and nervous at the same time! It was like I hit the lottery and won the superbowl at once!!! I will say this, the satisfaction that you get from picking a win, place or show is nice… But its not even on the same PLANET as the feeling you get when you hit a superfecta!

So, we spent a while celebrating and chatting some more about it all. He dropped a few more nuggets of wisom on me as we spent that time. As you can imagine, I was very thankful that I had actually met John a couple weeks earlier.

Later that night though, after the excitement had worn off, I started to have doubts. I started to wonder if I had really "found" something or not. I mean after all, I had only hit one Superfecta. So in my head I started to think…

Who knows? Maybe it was a fluke, right? It’s possible. So here’s what happened next… When I originally decided to try John’s system, I made the choice to only try it at a track that I already knew a lot of the angles. This took out a lot of variables …so I had much less handicapping work to do to figure out what was happening in the races I bet. Now it was time to answer the question that was bugging me …

So I decided to try and hit a superfecta at a different track …and see if I could do it… Read more…

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