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Australian Horse Racing systems: professional racing systems to help you win - BetSelector systemsClick Image To Visit SiteThank you for following through thus far. This website is dedicated to Horse racing enthusiasts who like to run professional manual and automated betting systems on Australian horse racing, want value for their investment AND value their time!

Your time is valuable, so I won’t waste it by giving a long sales spiel! You are looking at this website now because you have already made your mind up that you are only interested in winning horse racing systems and services.

My name is Kel Stuart, and I have been punting seriously since 2004 when I turned my hobby of over twenty years into a lifestyle!

The systems noted on this page look at Australian Horse Racing and are best utilised in Neale Yardley’s BetSelector software. The systems are provided in DBF format to utilise in BetSelector, and in PDF format upon request.

If you you would prefer easy to apply manual systems to use with information available freely available on the Internet, just click here.

Please be sure to consider past results and system details before purchasing. These details are available on the individual system information pages. If you would like to see a list of all selections for each system please send me an email or download directly from the relevant page.

All selections since 2001 are available to download in HTM, RTF and CSV formats. This data is updated quarterly. Please contact me for interim results.

Australian Horse Racing ‘A’ Systems 100% BetSelector compatible systems (to 30th Sept’ 11 – to find lastest results click on system names)

Australian Horse Racing ‘M’ Systems 100% manual systems ( to find lastest results click on system names)

Each of the above 100% BetSelector compatible systems and adaptations of some of my manual systems consists of multiple parts, and various parts may identify the same selections as worthy of betting on – that is inevitable – but each system IS independently profitable!

Disclaimer: Gambling is inherently risky. You should carefully consider whether engaging in gambling is suitable for you in light of your financial condition. In general I recommend that only "risk money" – that is money that you do not need for essentials like paying the rent or buying food – be used for gambling. Even better, start with an extremely low bank fund and build it from there. That way you will play with winning money, not your own. While I make every effort to ensure continuing good performance of my systems, please be aware that past performance is only indicative of future results and does not guarantee future results.

The risk of loss always exists in gambling. My systems are designed as an information device for persons of legal age interested in making formula based bets upon single or multiple horse races. No guarantees are made with regard to results or financial gain from using my products. All forms of betting carry some risk, it is up to the individual to make informed decisions on bets made with or without assistance from my products.

AustralianHorseRacingSystems and EvolutionaryPunting (and affiliated entities) cannot be held responsible for any losses or wins incurred as a result of using our products. The material contained on this site is intended to inform and educate the reader and in no way represents an inducement to gamble legally or illegally. I cannot completely verify customers’ statements, but I do require that each person we introduce to you provide us with substantiating information before we present their testimonials here. Also, while the testimonial may be accurate as of the time that I hear from my client, the client’s experience may have significantly changed over time.

Past performances do not guarantee success in the future, also the profits to each individual from using our products may vary because of several factors which AustralianHorseRacingSystems and EvolutionaryPunting (and affiliated entities) are not in control of and therefore cannot guarantee. For all these reasons, your purchase and use of my products should be based upon your own due diligence and judgment on how best to use my products. You should not view the AustralianHorseRacingSystems as responsible for any success or failure of your bettings; we provide products that you can use to try to improve the success… Read more…

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