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Bible Betting - The Flow Chart SystemClick Image To Visit Site26 Year Old Man Finds Grandfathers Secret Betting System In Old Bible And Goes On Six Week Winning Run To Pocket £8,041.29 In Online Profits

My name is Andrew Marsh, I’m a life style and human interest journalist for a local newspaper in Yorkshire, the north of England.

I have covered many local stories from a “Lost cat is found” to “The Queen Visits the village”,

With me being a journalist in a small town, news travels pretty fast, whether it be good news or bad news and it reaches me through to the office; but this time the event happened right in front of my very eyes.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I went to my local bookmakers to place my weekend bets on the football scores and as I entered through the door I notice a small gathering of people surrounding a young man who was sat in the middle of the room watching the horse racing.

I didn’t think much of it at first that was until an onlooker shouted “I don’t believe it….he’s won again”

Being a journalist I was automatically intrigued and immediately headed over to see what all the fuss was about.

Rory Jenkins, 26 produced five continuous winning horse race betting slips each with a value of up to £700, claiming that it was all down to a system his Grandfather had developed.

Not only has Rory agreed to share his story with the local public, he has also asked me to bring YOU, the wider public the story too, along with a chance for you to secure a copy of the very same betting system he uses.

I explained to Rory that I would be happy to go online with the story, but for me to go on to actually sell a product is a very different kettle of fish.

It’s one thing telling a ‘nice’ story about somebody winning over and over again using his grandfather’s betting system, but quite another then trying to sell it. I told Rory that I would need proof that it works consistently and not that it’s just been a ’one off’ lucky day

Now I was confident we had the real deal in betting systems here and I couldn’t wait to get started.

If you are interested in reading a little more about how Rory came across this system and how you can get a copy…..please read on……….

At the beginning of 2011, sadly Rory’s Grandfather died, it was devastating news and he took it really badly. Months later it was time to clear out his Grandfather’s home. Rory cleared the whole house first and then moved up in to the attic, while flicking through photo albums and searching through boxes he came across a huge old bible, Rory had been intrigued by this from the age of 6.

His Grandfather would never let him look at it and all he can remember is him saying, “it’s a very special book and brings me lots of good luck and one day it will be yours”.

As Rory got older he could see it was just an old bible and never asked about it again but now he realizes why it was so special.

Rory’s crafty Grandfather had hidden pages upon pages of information, stats and calculated research about horse racing from 1985 right through to 2005, along with a hand written system, the very same system Rory was using the first day I met him in the book makers.

A mass of research had been done by Rory’s Grandfather and it was clear he knew a thing or two about horse racing.

It brought a smile to Rory’s face and he thought it would be nice to see if, after all of these years the system still worked.

Through our research into various betting systems we found that many others offered proof in the form of bank statements but we found that while they may prove that they have money in the bank it doesn’t prove where it came from because they ALL blanked that section out.

For all we know the creator of the system has a full time job and the… Read more…

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