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Blackjack Game PlanClick Image To Visit SiteTEN consecutive winning trips were recorded by the author in 2010. Wins from as little as $100 to as much as $2510 for a ten trip total of $7435.

Hi! My name is Jim Ott and I am a seasoned casino player with over thirty years experience playing Blackjack.

I have traveled the casino circuit from Atlantic City to Las Vegas and from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to Indian Casinos in the Midwest. I have played blackjack in Las Vegas mega-resort casinos, in riverboat casinos, in Native American casinos and on the "cruises to nowhere" out of Florida.

I took what I learned from this schood of hard knocks and developed a comprehensive, common sense, easy to learn strategy to conquer the game of blackjack. Now I am going to teach you how to WIN CONSISTENTLY at Casino Blackjack. While no one can guarantee that you will always win, the strategy I will teach you lets me bring home a profit on eight out of ten trips!

If you were to call a casino and tell them that you have a "system" you would like to try out, they would probably send a limo for you.

What you need is a well thought out, tested and proven strategy for winning at the game of Blackjack.

This strategy does not use "card counting" and there is no "negative progression betting" calling for you to increase your bets when you’re losing. BLACKJACK GAME PLAN is as easy to learn as A, B, C and D. You could put it into practice on your very next casino trip and stop losing money to the casinos!

After reading BLACKJACK GAME PLAN you will know exactly what to do from the time you arrive at the casino until you leave. Nothing is left to chance. With only nineteen pages, BLACKJACK GAME PLAN is easy to read and understand and easy to implement. It’s as easy as A, B, C and D. There is no card counting and there are no complicated charts and graphs to memorize. It is intended to give the occasional, casual player a better than even chance against the casino. As a casino player, you will immediately start to earn free meals, drinks, hotel rooms and even free airfare to the casino and back. It is surpriningly easy to qualify for these "comps" from the casinos. The small investment you make in BLACKJACK GAME PLAN could be returned to you many times over on just your first casino trip!

While I now shoot for much more modest but consistent wins, I once won $50,000 in one blackjack session! I sat down at a $25 table late one night with my last $400. Another player at the same table asked to raise the minimum bet to $100 and I went along with it. He lost and left but I played on until the wee hours and left the table with a rack of $50,000 in chips! They asked if I would take a check so I still have proof of this win. I don’t play that way any more. I win less but I win much more often!

"I had never played blackjack before in my life but the Blackjack Game Plan ebook let me go home a winner the very first time I played blackjack in a casino. I more than won back the cost of the ebook on this one trip." Michael S. retired

"I have tried just about every system know to man in my efforts to win money in a casino but this is the first strategy that really worked for me. Blackjack is the only game I’ll play from now on and this is the game plan I’ll use." Louie B. entrepreneur

"Anybody who enjoys playing blackjack for fun should learn and use the simple steps of this complete game plan. I’ve been making more money from this hobby than from my job." Teddy L. Professional

If you enjoy playing casino blackjack just for fun, as a hobby or only when you go on vacations, you can’t afford to pass up this incredible offer. For only $22.70 you’ll have a complete BLACKJACK GAME PLAN that can have you winning much more often and will turn your hobby into… Read more…

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