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Greyhound Lay Profits SystemClick Image To Visit SiteWould a tried-and-tested easy-to-use greyhound laying system that will make you consistent long-term profits help you out?

Greyhound Laying Expert Reveals – For The First Time Ever – His Own Personal Laying System That Will Provide You With Extra Tax-Free Cash Throughout 2009 And Beyond!

So it’s the start of another New Year. I would wish you a prosperous 2009 – but I know that 2009 is simply not going to be a prosperous one for most people.

If you thought the combination of the Credit Crunch and Recession was bad in 2008, then I’m afraid that I’m the bearer of BAD NEWS.

Even if you have a job that you believe will be secure (and many people are going to get a terrible shock when their jobs disappear overnight!), then you can kiss goodbye to any expectations of a large pay rise.

You’ll be lucky to get even 1% or 2%. And on a £20,000 salary that’s an increase of a mere £33-33p per month – and that’s before Tax and National Insurance have been deducted. Hardly going to make you feel well-off, is it?

But that won’t stop your bills from increasing at a rate that is way over the rate of inflation (currently expected to drop to below 1% by the end of 2009). What do you think the increase in your Council Tax bill is going to be, for example?

That is going to have an effect on the amount of money that you can borrow – be it by way of loans, a second mortgage, or credit cards.

And even if you have savings, how low do you think the rate of interest being paid by banks and building societies will drop? You’ll be getting a pittance!

Very many people – probably including you – are going to find themselves strapped-for-cash throughout 2009.

I could go on and on about how bad 2009 is going to be, but I’m sure that you are already aware how your personal circumstances will be affected.

As you will know if you’ve visited my websites and , I make a good amount of money every year by laying greyhounds on Betfair.

I know that greyhound laying is dismissed by many punters as not being worth their time and effort but – believe me – it is an under-exploited goldmine compared to horse-racing and football!

Over the years, I have actively developed several lay selection techniques and betting strategies that form part of the Greyhound Lays and Greyhound Lays Lite services.

Whilst most of the subscribers to these services are making money from the lay selections, I have been asked by quite a number of people if I could drop the monthly subscription rate which is currently £47. For many people, this is a stumbling block that is stopping them from getting their share of the money available on Betfair.

To date, I have not been able to do this simply because of the quality of the information that is provided plus the need to keep subscriber numbers down. But….

I have decided to ‘dust-off’ one of the greyhound lay selection systems that I developed and used when I first started out laying on Betfair a couple of years ago.

You should note that the Greyhound Lay Profits System is NOT the system that is used to make the selections for the Greyhound Lays and Greyhound Lays Lite services. Both of these services use a more sophisticated, computational technique for making the lay selections.

In fact, it is a very good system that has stood the test of time and will give you successful lays consistently month-after-month. I certainly used it to build up my betting bank when I first started out.

Now I am letting you have full details about the system for a very low one-off price (ie no monthly subscription)

That’s right – I’m letting you have my own personal Greyhound Lay Profits System so that you can concentrate on making your own lay selections every day and do not have to worry about whether or not you can afford a monthly subscription.

You should be able to go through several entire race meetings covering the whole day in about 20 minutes… Read more…

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