My Mathematical Formula by Malcolm MacLean – 2011

My Mathematical Formula by Malcolm MacLean - 2011Click Image To Visit SiteThis page and This Book (My Mathematical Formula), both are different. What I state is absolute truth, honest and easily provable. This is how horse racing can be profitable and My Mathematical Formula is without any doubt your best choice. I have never seen another plan or approach in 40 years that even comes close to this procedure. This is the way to be successful with horse racing.

"…… With My Mathematical Formula, I’ll show how to turn ‘Low Odds’ – Even as low as 1.25 (1/4) into 100’s/1 (100’s to 1) …. with just your normal stake money of a few Pounds Sterling or Dollars…." How does: – 12,879 SUCCESSES AGAINST 1,430 LOSSES STRIKE YOU? – That’s the ratio this manual deals in.

In this profession there is only ONE WAY THAT EXISTS to make a fortune and during the whole process of accumulating this fortune – YOUR CAPITAL IS NOT AT RISK. – This way is using My Mathematical Formula™ and The Diabolical Staking Plan™ We want to make a colossal amount of money now. My Mathematical Formula™ and The Diabolical Staking Plan™ This is the ONLY way to achieve this goal. We never increase our stake money and we never chase losses. The Diabolical Staking Plan is very different to anything you have seen before.

Here is just one simple example of what My Mathematical Formula can do for you and why there is no other method or system that even comes close to My Mathematical Formula. The following sequences are happening week in and week out all over the world throughout the year.

No "ifs or buts". With a series of say 10 bets, your selections can finish 1st. 2nd. or 3rd. with odds of just 50 cents to the dollar. Using MY MATHEMATICAL FORMULA – these low priced horses – coming 1st. 2nd or 3rd. will give you a net return of $690 for an outlay of $1 per horse. CAN YOU REALLY IMAGINE THAT? And these results are from horses that don’t even have to win, they just need to be placed 1st 2nd or 3rd. How hard can that be?

Don’t say the returning odds for a placed horse are perhaps as low as $1.20 so how can you win. I know this. My reply will be read The Diabolical Staking Plan again until you have fully understood it. Your bets will ALWAYS be equal to 5/1 or 6/1 by the fifth or sixth race. On a successful run of 10 based with odds of $1.50 you have reached the equivalent of 57/1 and have achieved the equivalent of 113 wins with this plan.

"….When I say "colossal amount" I am referring to ‘ A Thousand Times’ your original stake of a few Pounds/Dollars’ That’s thousand’s with an ‘s’ on the end!)…." – This is The Diabolical Staking Plan.

I must emphasize this one more time: – It makes NO difference whatsoever how short the price is. My own rule is to go to 1.20 usually not less otherwise someone will comment if it’s paying 1.02 it can’t be done – ok, 1.20 is usually as low as I would go. I’m not going to ever take a bet paying 1.02 – But on the other hand, the prices are not always short, a good average for a placed bet with my selection process would be about 1.70 to 1.80 – if it turns out to be too short a price for you, it’s a simple decision for you to make, don’t bet and move on to the next bet. This can be a simple rule for anyone. Set the lowest price for the plan. It could be odds of 1.20 or 1.50 for example then stick to it. If a selection appears and the odds are lower than your set price, just move past that selection (don’t bet on it) and find the next race. On success and as an example, forget the immediate short odds such as 1.20 or 1.25 – or 1.50 – This will always be equal to 5/1 upwards after the 4th or 5th race…. You could work this out for yourself or as mentioned above, set your own limit. It might be a better example if you look upon that in the following light. Assuming a run of 10 At the 6th race you have achieved the equivalent… Read more…

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