Safe Lay Bets from Dr. Terence Cole

Safe Lay Bets from Dr. Terence ColeClick Image To Visit SiteTo give you some background as to how I arrived here, I started analysing some horse racing results in 2009 and I spotted a trend, which I began to follow. The trend I’d spotted was a statistical one, and it was quite easy to apply it to forthcoming horse races. I started to predict which horses would lose certain UK races, and my predictions turned out to be remarkably accurate.

My selections are all to lay (i.e. betting on the horse to lose the race). For best results I advise you to only bet if the price of my selections is 8.00 or more, as past results have shown that applying this price filter produces the optimum strike rate and profitability. Please note however, you can still turn a profit by laying all of my selections (without a price filter), but the strike rate would fall and on average the profitability would drop by around 40%.

For full details on following my Safe Lay Bets please take a look at the HOW IT WORKS page, where you can also see a WORKED EXAMPLE of one of my bets.

MEMBERS receive my selections by 12 noon (UK time) on the day of racing. All results are always calculated at Betfair SP, after deducting 5% commission from winning bets, and my advice is to operate a betting bank of at least 100 points.

My aim is to provide a transparent and profitable service to my members, if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to CONTACT me.

If you are following my lay betting selections you may find the GHB software useful, as it enables you to place all of your bets in advance (within the price parameters of my selections).

All of my selections are always made available by 12 noon on the day of racing – so with the GHB software you have plenty of time to place your bets if you are unable to at race time. Read more…

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