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Sniper Picks - Sports Handicapping Service of 5 YearsClick Image To Visit SiteWe guarantee to win this pick tonight or else you will get the rest of our NHL Picks for FREE! The entire NHL season for FREE, if tonight’s BIG NHL Pick does NOT win!

That is how confident we are in tonight’s easy winner! It’s a win, win situation for you. Purchase this pick for $29.99 and win BIG with us, OR pray it loses so you get the entire year for FREE!

Last week we did horrible with our football picks, but with our documented winning record, it only shows we will bounce back! And this week is the time to bounce back!

This week we have a total of 7 football picks. Three NCAAF picks starting Thursday, and Four NFL picks starting Sunday.

We are going to sell these picks for a very low price of just $34.99, guaranteed to gain a profit or else the rest of this month’s NFL picks FREE, and the rest of this months NHL picks FREE!

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So we are going to make this short and sweet. Today we have 1 BIG MLB Pick, and 3 BIG NFL Picks, and now is your chance to get all 4 of these picks now! You can get all four of these picks for just $34.99, guaranteed to gain a profit or else tomorrow’s BIG MNF Pick is free! And trust us when we say this, you DO NOT want to miss this week’s MNF Pick!

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Yesterday we offered you our entire 2011 MLB Playoff picks for just $69.99 We are still going to honor that package for today only, or you can simply just purchase today’s 2011 BIG MLB Playoff Pick for just $34.99

Tampa Bay Rays, and the Detroit Tigers to win the series. And as well as… Tampa Bay Rays +166 (1 UNIT) WINNER +$166 Detroit Tigers +124 (1 UNIT) PPD

Today we have a BIG MLB Playoff Pick today, and you DO NOT want to miss out on this VERY EASY winner! To back up how confident we are on this pick, we are offering you this special guarantee!

If you purchase today’s BIG MLB pick for just $34.99, we guarantee to win this pick or the rest of our 2011 MLB Playoff picks are FREE! OR you can purchase our entire MLB Playoff package for just $69.99, guaranteed to gain a profit of $1,000 or more, or the entire NHL season is FREE!

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After taking the month of September off for MLB picks, we are proud to announce our winning MLB picks are back!

Just like the rest of our sports record, that is a very impressive MLB record, considering most handicapping services fail every season.

Now that the playoffs are here, we have game picks, as well as series picks! We have series picks in the 4 match ups, including underdog picks, and one BIG Series Picks (5 UNITS).

Instead of selling all of our MLB playoff picks and series picks individually, we would like to get you on board with all of the picks for a one time low fee of $69.99 Or you can spend $34.99 a day, spending over $600 for our winning MLB playoff picks, but why would you do that when you can get them all for just $69.99!? And to back up we will end the playoffs on a profitable note, we are offering this guarantee!

We guarantee to profit at least $1,000 by the end of the MLB playoffs or else you will get the ENTIRE NHL season for FREE! That is right, you will get our most profitable sport for free if we do not return a profit of $1,000 by the end of the 2011 MLB Playoffs!

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Last week we took a dive in NCAAF picks, but made up for it in NFL picks. But this is sports investing, it takes time… Read more…

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